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Panjang Ikan: A 3rd-Gen Seafood Gem in Singapore


Panjang Ikan, a third-generation seafood haven, has thrived for over 30 years in Singapore. Originating as a small stall on Old Sembawang Road, it now resides in Chong Pang Market, serving the community with daily deliveries of fresh, affordable seafood.


The business’s endearing name, “Panjang Ikan” is a tribute to its founder, fondly nicknamed “Panjang” by loyal customers. This connection illustrates the business’s core value – treating customers like family.


Panjang Ikan’s commitment to being Muslim-friendly has made it a culinary hub for diverse communities, welcoming people of all races and dialects.


Today, led by the third generation, including the visionary “@Baronthefishboy,” Panjang Ikan continues its tradition of delivering exceptional seafood, embracing its rich history while embracing the digital era through engaging social media content, lighthearted humor, and captivating series like “One Day, One Fish.” With deep roots and a fresh perspective, Panjang Ikan stands as an enduring emblem of quality, community, and tradition within the heart of Singapore.

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